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Places, faces & clothing that remind me of the vivid culture & characters of the world of A Song of Ice & Fire. This blog may contain spoilers. 


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What Shiera Seastar would wear

Dany Tabet, Fall 2014

Myrcella Baratheon

Tadashi Shoji, Spring 2015

What Princess Arianne would wear in Dorne

Dany Tabet, Fall 2014

Queen Cersei Lannister

Dany Tabet, Fall 2014

What Daenerys would wear in Meereen

Chloe, Spring 2015

What Roslin Frey would wear

Valentino, Resort 2015

Margaery’s wedding gown

Liana Haute Couture, 2014-2015

Lady Alys Karstark

Chanel Haute Couture, Spring 2011

White Walkers

Valentin Yudashkin, Fall 2013

What Alayne Stone would wear