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Places, faces & clothing that remind me of the vivid culture & characters of the world of A Song of Ice & Fire. This blog may contain spoilers. 


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What Lady Catelyn Tully would have worn

Gemy Couture

What a Braavosi banker would wear

Cliffs at Dragonstone

Lyanna Stark

Ziad Nakad Haute Couture

Gown of Alerie Hightower

Armani Prive

Daenerys Targaryen

Ezra Haute Couture, Spring 2014

What Margaery would wear

Zuhair Murad, Spring 2010

Winterfell & The Eyrie sketch for the series title sequence  (©)

Margaery Tyrell

Tony Ward Haute Couture, Fall 2014

Mya Stone, Robert Baratheon’s bastard daughter. She serves as a guide on the treacherous rocky climb from the Vale to the Eyrie, leading trains of mules.