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Places, faces & clothing that remind me of the vivid culture & characters of the world of A Song of Ice & Fire. This blog may contain spoilers. 


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What Roslin Frey would wear

Valentino, Resort 2015

Margaery’s wedding gown

Liana Haute Couture, 2014-2015

Lady Alys Karstark

Chanel Haute Couture, Spring 2011

White Walkers

Valentin Yudashkin, Fall 2013

What Alayne Stone would wear

Princess Argella Durrandon, Storm Queen & lady of Storm’s End

Jean Louis Sabaji Couture

Wedding gown for a lady of the Vale

Nicolas Jebran Haute Couture, Spring 2012

What Lady Alyssa Arryn would have worn

Gown for Margaery Tyrell

Rami Kadi Haute Couture, Spring 2014

The Moonsingers is a religion found in Essos. They founded Braavos and kept the city secret for about a hundred years. Their temple of worship is a mighty mass of snow-white marble, topped by a huge silvered dome whose milk glass windows show all the phases of the moon. A pair of marble maidens flank it’s gates, tall as the Sealords statues.

(© Miles Aldrige photography, 2006)